Clarke’s Funeral Directors was set up in 1928 by Michael Clarke, who started his business as a hardware shop and then gradually expanded into groceries and feed stuffs. Alongside his undertaking service, he also ran a public house, which continued to operate until 1999.

When Clarke’s Funeral Directors started trading, there were eight other undertakers in Bailieborough. Michael was the first to have a motor hearse in the local area and would regularly hire out this hearse to different undertakers locally, on an as needed basis. This service continued into the late eighties, as many funeral directors did not own their own hearse.

Michael Clarke passed away in 1968 and a young Francis Clarke took over the running of the business to the present day. He is assisted today by his son, Aidan, who has been working in the business since 2002. Both Francis and Aidan still run the hardware shop and are members of the Albany home décor specialists group.  A brand new service room was opened in October 2012.

Clarke’s are an accredited member of the Irish Association of Funeral Directors and pleased to serve the people of the area, carrying on a family tradition of undertaking in a professional and respectful way.